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Communicating in Digital and Physical Neighborhoods

Posted by: on June 8, 2015

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“Fewer people (today) know what being a Lutheran is about, what God is about,” so the church must use new social media channels and devices and “figure out how to use them to share the gospel,” said the Rev. Keith Anderson of Upper Dublin Lutheran Church, said at the campaign launch. The author of The Digital Cathedral said the church must find new ways to communicate to connect with people’s experience, and the process begins with listening. “The synod has been building a communications network of people in congregations to equip them to tell their stories… (and) help you listen to people in your digital and physical neighborhoods,” he said. The communications landscape is changing at an astonishing rate, said Bob Fisher, assistant to the bishop for communication. Campaign funds will help congregations to tell their stories and leverage digital media. “If we’re going to be successful in spreading the Gospel we all have to be part of telling our stories. People who won’t walk into the building on Sunday won’t follow a church Facebook page… but they know you.”

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