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Equipping Requires Imagination, Knowledge

Posted by: on June 8, 2015

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The Synod’s vision reflects the development of the 1st Century church, yet requires 21st Century creativity and imagination, especially in the area of equipping leaders, Jeff Kjellberg, owner of Kairos and Associates, said at the campaign launch at the 2015 Assembly. He described the process experienced by more than two dozen congregations so far taking the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT), which has generated a lot of excitement. With funding from this appeal all congregations that want to will be able to use this tool. Teri Lanan of Trinity, Lansdale said that the CAT helped the congregation’s leaders understand why a capital appeal had stalled and how to readjust. Bishop Burkat said that “with the resources we raise in the next three years we will start a mission school to teach clergy and lay leaders how to take risks and to share successes and failures.” Raising additional scholarships to assist seminarians with education debt is also a top priority. Learn more…

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