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Innovating: Taking Risks for God’s People

Posted by: on June 8, 2015

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“Innovators are willing to risk. Innovators have an innate ability to create something out of nothing,” said the Rev. Patricia Davenport, director for evangelical mission, at the campaign launch. “We are relentlessly focused on meeting the needs of people” through new Synod missions, like Living Gospel Ministries, a spiritual and helping community for formerly incarcerated persons. The campaign will help fund new mission starts and seed local initiatives. Congregations innovate through programs like Upper Dublin Lutheran Church’s God on Tap theology pub; St. Petri-Hope’s new Lydia’s Closet, which offers clothing and interview suits; and New Creation’s ministry with the poor, homeless and addicted under the bridges of Kensington. She pointed to collaboration in the Northeast Philadelphia Conference: “anytime you can get nine congregations to do one confirmation class, that is a new thing.” She noted the development of house churches and the innovative free arts and homework programs of Rhawnhurst Turning Point, a congregation/Synod/ELCA partnership. “Our young people are compelling us to (look at) the new, creative things.” Learn more…

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