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Yes, We C.A.N.

Posted by: on May 7, 2015

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A large, red shipping container sits in the parking lot of the Lutheran Church of God’s Love in Newtown waiting for Saturday mornings. That’s when team members open it up and work on its transformation into a medical clinic that will serve a community near Kisumu, Kenya, Africa.

The members of God’s Love heard about a similar project and started to dream of how this work could bring a community together. “The feeling of connection we’re trying to foster—not just among people here, but also with the community in Kenya where this is going—is why we’re doing this,” said Susan McDonnell, communications coordinator.

Every Saturday a group gathers to work on the container which includes framing the walls, adding electrical and plumbing, furnishing the rooms, filling the cabinets with supplies, and creating art murals for the outside. When it is finished there will be four rooms (two for examination and treatment, an office, and a pharmacy).

Church and community members have donated all the supplies and labor. McDonnell said that one of the best surprises in all of this is, “You put the word out and never know who’s going to show up with what you need.”

God’s Love is getting help and advice from two sponsoring organizations: Homes of Living Hope, based in Colorado, and Life in Abundance, an African-based organization.

Susan McDonnell expects that the Container at Newtown (C.A.N.) project will continue through the spring. She said the congregation’s hope is that people who hear about this not only help make their project a success, but also feel inspired to begin similar projects in their communities. – Katherine Cartwright Knodel

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