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“It’s a fun and exciting time to be the church”

Posted by: on June 7, 2017

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500 years on from the Reformation,

“God is doing a new thing among us,” Pastor Timothy Johansen of Temple Lutheran Church, Havertown, says of the Forward Together in Faith campaign.

In living memory congregations have experience glory days, with packed pews and full coffers, as well as confusing years when endowments and long-time members held off the full effects of declines in attendance and giving, Johansen said. Today, many churches and leaders are asking the right questions, and coming up with creative answers — but struggle with economic scarcity.

“If only there was a way to endow a rich, new vision put forth by our emerging leaders,” Johansen says. “That’s where the Forward Together in Faith campaign comes in.”

The campaign is already bearing fruit in many ways in the lives of congregations and leaders.

  • We’re networking, people together in new ways, from cross-generational ministry and the Brave New Church initiative to important work connecting our clergy with interfaith leaders.
  • We’re supporting innovative new ministries like The Well, a shelter for homeless women that found permanent housing for more than 20 women this past winter.
  • Our communications team is launching a program of expert communications reviews for congregations, to help you tell your story better.
  • And dozens of congregations have been equipped by a mission assessment and accompaniment by a trained facilitator to help them leverage their growing edges.

It’s not easy being the church today. That’s why Forward Together in Faith is raising $2.5 million to help equip your congregation for the future of ministry. It’s an investment in our Synod’s leaders and congregations.

“May our children and our children’s children say that the church in its second reformation…did not stifle the work of networkers, innovators, communicators and equippers, but created an environment in which they can thrive!” Pastor Johansen says.

But we can’t do it without you! We need congregations and individuals to step forward and make generous gifts to help us continue investing in you.

To find out more about how your congregation can participate contact Rev. Rachel Anderson at

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